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March 22
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Feel free to ask questions below.


Do you do trades? Not anymore really!

CAN YOU DRAW ME SOMETHING??  No sorry! Time is money

commissions? check my journals  or the link on my profile.

How long have I been pixeling?
-Since late 2011.

How do you achive such soft looking shading on your pixels? Do you stick only to the pencil/fill tools, or do you utilize brushes?
Or do you just use enough colors to make it blend nicely?
-OPACITY there I spilled the beans countless times now.. opacity with the pencil tool. It just helps me finish pixels faster and keeps me in touch with my painterly-side lol.

smooths everything out. but leaves it pixelated. If you use the brush tool. im pretty sure its gonna look blurry

What program do you use?
-photoshop cs3, I suggest you learn photoshop cuz I love it/plus its free lol

What inspires you to make pixel art/ how did you get into pixel art?
-I had no idea what pixel art really was at first lol, I made short animations on youtube with MS PAINT, and learned how to use the PENCIL TOOL <---important for pixeling lol which I had no idea would ultimately lead to pixel art here on DA, and then I started to get a little better at drawing overall throughout the years etc etc lol. here I is!

1 by Getanimated2 by Getanimated3 by Getanimated4 arm change by GetanimatedRobotic Dog by Getanimated

Jellie-trainer1 by GetanimatedJellie-trainer by Getanimatedskin a lil darker?? by Getanimatedwhich one looks-- by GetanimatedTrainer Jellie! by Getanimated

Vanille1 by GetanimatedVanille2 by GetanimatedVanille3 by GetanimatedVanille4 by GetanimatedVanille5 by GetanimatedVanille6 by GetanimatedYuuta and Rui by Getanimated

Kiwi-pixel by GetanimatedWIP by GetanimatedKiwi by Getanimated

Progress(STEPS) by Getanimated

Vaniraas-project by GetanimatedVaniraasprojectprogress by GetanimatedVaniraas-project by GetanimatedVaniraas-project by GetanimatedVaniraas-project by GetanimatedVaniraas-project by GetanimatedVaniraas-project1 by GetanimatedVaniraas-project2 by GetanimatedVaniraas-project1 by Getanimated

Now guys time for embarrassing myself, but hopefully most importantly ...inspiring you not to give up or feel bad about where you are at now
This Is when I FIRST started lol late 2011

Nov 30 2011 by GetanimatedNov 2011 Again by GetanimatedNov 2011 by Getanimated

Early 2012

Jan 13 2012 by GetanimatedJan 14 2012 by GetanimatedJan 2012 by GetanimatedJan 22 2012 by GetanimatedJan 15 2012 by GetanimatedJan 15 1012 Again by Getanimated

Progress Mid 2012
May 31 2012 couple by GetanimatedJune 7 2012 by GetanimatedNovember 2012 by GetanimatedNov 30 2012 by GetanimatedJuly 11 2012 Best by GetanimatedNov 1 2012 by Getanimated

Late 2012
Dec 2 2012 by GetanimatedDec 17 2012 by GetanimatedDec 20 2012 by Getanimated
Early 2013
Jan 6 2013 by GetanimatedFeb 2013 by Getanimated

Mid 2013

April 2013 by GetanimatedApril 27 2013 by GetanimatedJuly 5th 2013 by GetanimatedMarch 25 2013 by GetanimatedJuly 18 2013 by GetanimatedMarch 30 2013 by Getanimated

Late 2013

Sep 24 1013 by GetanimatedSep 10 2013 by GetanimatedOct 30 2013 by GetanimatedDec  13 by GetanimatedDec 29 1013 by GetanimatedLast Of Dec 2013 by Getanimated

Early 2014
(Big)Pixel Project: HBD by GetanimatedCelestial Girl Pixel by GetanimatedKiriban @ 50,000(edit) by GetanimatedKBC Pixel by GetanimatedKiocah by GetanimatedHappy Valentines! 2014 by GetanimatedFlowing Purple by Getanimated
 progress :transition to Mid 2014

Trainer Jellie! by GetanimatedJackie by GetanimatedNicoB by GetanimatedDrake by GetanimatedHelmintio Moritz by GetanimatedAmanita by GetanimatedKiwi by Getanimated

 Mid 2014  (Late May etc...)

New-icon-littleruekitty by GetanimatedHAIR EDIT with note by Getanimatedwith not by GetanimatedMore-purple! by GetanimatedNilmea-iconver1 by Getanimatedver1 by Getanimated(I did sooo many Icons June)

June 2014
Yayoi Yoru by GetanimatedRigel Chimera by GetanimatedKiriban @ 100k! by GetanimatedTRUTH (Click4view) by Getanimated(l)HeeHee! by GetanimatedNachi Icon by Getanimated

July 2014 (Did a lot of digital art this month lol)

         Alumina Icon by Getanimated     BENNY Icon by Getanimated

August 2014

Meeooww by GetanimatedMisora Pixel by GetanimatedVaniraas Pixel Scene (click to zoom in) by GetanimatedPrierei Icon by Getanimated

September 2014

Yofi by GetanimatedMacaron1 by GetanimatedXipeu-icons1.5 OUTFIT EDIT by Getanimatedboy by Getanimatedfaster blink by Getanimated  without extra clothes by Getanimated

OBVIOUSLY  there is a lot missing , I did a loot more throughout the years... plus a lot of icons... but this is how it grew and I wanted to share that with everyone.
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SirBonbon Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sheesh. You improve fast.
AoiSoul Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You were good in pixels since the beginning that's not fair!! I want that sorcery :iconsopsplz:
Marlidona Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ok I want to ask something  and I don't know if someone asked you this before but actually I want to know how to export my work to a good quality gif , I know how to save my work in Photoshop of curse but I can't save it with out any dithering when I save it with dithering option it looks really ugly and messy but your work quality is very good although it's only 400x300 or less while mine 1000x1000 !!!! please tell me how to save gif files while maintaining the original quality >.<
Getanimated Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  Student Filmographer
My pixels are 150x150 Pixel document
or for icons 50x50 pixel size document

what size do you make yours?
1000x1000x pixels???
Marlidona Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes 1000 x 1000 is that the reason why when I save it the quality drops down so easily.  Do you mean If I worked on small document it won't loose any quality when I save it because its already small? 
Getanimated Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Student Filmographer
well pixel art in general is never usually made in anything bigger than 150x150 lol

most people who do anything bigger find it hard to color

1000x1000 is extremely huge hhaha

im not a big computer person so im not familiar with  quality

Uh.. I heard saving large images as jpegs or pngs is the best
so just save any LARGE PIXELS as a png with a transparent background

itll keep it the exact way it looks , but if its animated gifs 1000x1000 im not sure wat to say about that haha
Marlidona Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol  because its my first time doing pixel art I didn't know that I'm embarrassed haha thank you so much for the quick respond you are a nice person and a good artist as well thank you again Love 
Getanimated Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Student Filmographer
No problem at all!
Thank you! glad to be of help
CindyMad Featured By Owner Edited Aug 27, 2014  Student General Artist
FAQ question: do you use a tablet or a mouse to draw your pixels? and what do you use to animate them?    btw your pixel gifs are ADORABLE!! >w<
Getanimated Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Student Filmographer

and Photoshop cs3

and thank you so much
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